Sustainable IT Lifecycle Solutions

We support your business to become measurably more sustainable in its use of IT at every stage, from acquisition and deployment to disposal.

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At Green Circle IT, we take your IT equipment that otherwise would be headed for recycling and, recognising its value, expertly extend its lifecycle.

This reduces the dangerous swell of eWaste and the need for raw materials to be extracted from the ground to replace perfectly good devices that still have a life ahead of them.

By working with Green Circle IT you’ll align with the circular economy, have a measurable sustainability impact, and be financially rewarded.

We make IT go round.


Doing the right thing with your retired IT is easier than you think.

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Closing the loop
on IT Lifecycles

We are proud to be part of Circularity First, an established group of businesses committed to keeping technology in use for longer so future generations can thrive.

Together, we are building a culture of IT Reuse. We expertly recognise, refurbish, and redeploy technology, keeping it operational for as long as possible, adding value to multiple organisations before we give up on it.

“We integrate seamlessly into an organisation’s supply chain so they can bank savings and simplicity all the way through.”

~ Anthony Levy, Founder, Circularity First Group


We live and breathe IT.

We are committed to reducing its impact on the planet we love.

Businesses pay to dispose of IT.
We buy IT back.

We’ll work tirelessly to recover value from your retired technology. We'll even report back on how much embodied carbon you've saved by redeploying it.
Boost your finances and your sustainability credentials.
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Our goals is to drive more sustainable behaviour when it comes to sustainable IT and Lifecycle Management. We know that taking a sustainable approach benefits our world and our clients, both now, and in the future.

Matthew Archer, Head of Asset Recovery, Circularity First Group

As ambassadors of the circular economy, we extend the life of retired equipment by responsibly passing it forward through trusted channels to the next user.

We provide:
Maximum value.
Optimum security.
Tangilble sustainability.
Secure Sustainable Success.
Maximum value.
We are committed to reducing its impact on the planet we love.
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Circulating Success

We gave a global finance company more than it banked on

With our proven history in sustainable IT asset recovery, we were able to give a leading global financial services company bespoke, flexible, and intuitive solutions that larger companies couldn’t.
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We Gave IP Phones a Second Life

One of our partners mentioned that they had 18 IP phones that they longer needed. They were taking up space in the office and they wanted to know if they’d be of any use to another organisation. Of course, we offered to help.
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Green Circle IT Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company number 14124545

Part of the Circularity First Group Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company number 13070956. Registered office: Circularity First Group Ltd, Ground Floor, Egerton House, 68 Baker Street, Weybridge, Surrey, United Kingdom, KT13 8AL
White Gloves, Green Hearts
Green Circle IT provides tailored lifecycle solutions to organisations wanting to consolidate, clear or move their data centre assets in a way that’s more sustainable and commercially beneficial.

As ambassadors of the Circular Economy, we extend the life of retired equipment by responsibly passing it forward through trusted channels to the next user. Our White Glove Service handles the customer’s technology estate with exceptional insight and care.
As part of the Circularity First Group, we have the knowledge, skill, and capacity to offer holistic IT Lifecycle Solutions. Our heritage makes us the standout choice for delivering specialist advice, financial success, and tangible sustainability. 
Part of the Circularity First Group
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