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Asset recovery specialists committed to a more sustainable approach to IT

  • Our story begins where most stories end.

    Good technology is wasted on the typical 3–5 year lifecycle narrative. With Green Circle IT, you can pass on your assets securely, be measurably more sustainable and – plot twist – enjoy great commercial outcomes.

    We know retired IT has further to go.

    Tell us about your unwanted IT and leave the next chapter to us.
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White gloves
Green hearts.

Green Circle IT has the Asset Recovery stage of circularity covered. Our experience combines years of applied technology innovation with the principles of the Circular Economy to help businesses be measurably more sustainable.

Our heritage in this space is unmatched. We have the experience and insight to see value in your unwanted IT, and we have the channels to move it seamlessly to the next organisation that wants it, preventing the tonnes of embodied carbon that come with buying brand new IT hardware.

We tailor our solutions to your business. Our white glove service handles your technology estate with the specialist care it deserves and the compassion our planet needs.
Tell to us about your retired IT.

Our partnerships seamlessly move your technology to the next organisation who wants it.

By keeping technology in use for longer we:
Prevent retired equipment becoming eWaste.
Keep finite resources in the ground.
Prevent unnecessary carbon emissions from manufacture.

Businesses pay to dispose of IT.
We buy IT back.

We understand that you’re ready to move on from your IT assets. But their journey doesn't have to end with you.

We’ll work tirelessly to recover value from your retired technology. We'll even report back on how much embodied carbon you've saved by redeploying it.
Boost finances and your sustainability credentials.
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Meet the Team

Matt Archer

Head of Asset Recovery

Anthony Levy


Søren Sørensen

Group CEO

Damien Haarhoff

VP Operations

Louise Whitaker

Head of Sustainability

Andrew Bruce

Technical Services Lead

A million reasons to choose
Green Circle IT.

Our planet endows us with the resources we need for innovation. We want to pay it back. As a group, Circularity First has already been a better partner to the planet by keeping nearly 1 million kg of IT waste in circulation.
Boost finances and your sustainability credentials.

We make IT go round.

Linear IT models fail people, profit, and planet. The solution is circular.

Green Circle IT is the leading choice for businesses who don’t want their retired technology to add to the problem. If you’ve looked after your IT, it has probably only fulfilled one stage of its lifecycle with you and has more value to offer. We’ll put it through its paces and make it into an opportunity for the next user.
Share your kit list, we'll take care of IT.
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IT starts with us.

We're continually looking at ways to amplify the positive impact of our business, whilst also  reducing the negative. Here are just a few of our focus areas.
To date Circularity First Group has kept over 900,000kg of IT equipment in the circular economy.
The solar panels at our UK facility return more energy to the grid than we use.
Over 90% of the packaging we use is second-use recycled.
Our pioneering research projects are proving the benefits of using technology for longer.

Circulating success.

Green Circle IT gave a global finance company more than it banked on.

Our international financial services client enjoyed bespoke, flexible solutions to consolidating their advanced technology estate while pursuing ambitious net zero targets.

We provided seamless end-to-end Asset Recovery and a detailed breakdown of the embodied energy each item had saved – positive data for their Scope 3 reporting and for the planet.

Join Our Circle

With us, your sustainability credentials will quickly take shape. We will:
Expertly remove assets at your convenience.
Guarantee your retired IT is headed for pastures new.
Fairly compensate you for the material value your assets hold.
Provide a report of the embodied carbon you’ve saved.
Join Our Circle
Green Circle IT Ltd
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Green Circle IT Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company number 14124545

Part of the Circularity First Group Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company number 13070956. Registered office: Circularity First Group Ltd, Ground Floor, Egerton House, 68 Baker Street, Weybridge, Surrey, United Kingdom, KT13 8AL
White Gloves, Green Hearts
Green Circle IT provides tailored lifecycle solutions to organisations wanting to consolidate, clear or move their data centre assets in a way that’s more sustainable and commercially beneficial.

As ambassadors of the Circular Economy, we extend the life of retired equipment by responsibly passing it forward through trusted channels to the next user. Our White Glove Service handles the customer’s technology estate with exceptional insight and care.
As part of the Circularity First Group, we have the knowledge, skill, and capacity to offer holistic IT Lifecycle Solutions. Our heritage makes us the standout choice for delivering specialist advice, financial success, and tangible sustainability. 
Part of the Circularity First Group
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