Data Centre Clearance

Choosing an experienced supplier is essential. Our service is designed for organisations of all sizes, across all industries, that are committed to shaping up their value chains.

As regulations tighten and stakeholders demand businesses do better for our planet, the design, deployment, and disposal of data centre equipment is under scrutiny.

Responsible data centre decommissioning is a critical component in a sustainable IT strategy.

We are the specialists in this space – the way we approach the market stands us apart from larger organisations.

Our IT Lifecycle Services extend the value of your data centre assets even after you’ve retired them, benefiting people, profit, and planet.

Streamlined Service.

In a world of suppliers who demand you jump through hoops, our Data Centre Buyback Service is intentionally simple.

Our highly certified network experts will look at your datacentre inventory and offer a straightforward buyback plan for retired assets without delay.

We are committed to straightforward communication and a streamlined, stress-free service.
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Cost Savings.

IT Disposition Services can incur a significant expense.

With Green Circle IT Buyback, you’ll avoid disposal costs and instead gain a financial advantage.

We have real-time knowledge of market demand for operational networking equipment and components. We’ll offer you a price that directly and transparently reflects the value of your end-of-life IT equipment.
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Tangible Sustainability.

Trusting your used IT assets to us stops them ending up in landfill before their time.

Our links with approved IT resale channels and original equipment manufacturers mean we already have a plan for your equipment before we’ve recovered it.

We’ll keep it in the circular economy, adding value to the next user, and we’ll tell you how much embodied carbon you’ve saved along the way.
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For many of our clients it's the first time they have received a financial return for their retired IT equipment

Retire your IT assets responsibly.
Divert unnecessary electronic recycling from landfill.
Reduce your company’s Scope 3 impact, with the data to prove it.
We supported a global bank to retire their assets with savings and simplicity.

Don’t pay to dispose of your data centre assets. We buy IT back.

Responsible IT asset management isn’t just good for the planet; it’s good for your finances too. We work to give you the best financial return on end-of-life data centre equipment that is still in working condition. We can take it to the next stage of its useful journey.
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Reduce by design

Covers technical solutions, supply chain and logistics strategies, implementation and migration, in-life usage and maintenance, data use and consumption models, planning for end of use, asset recovery, and next use. 


Optimised solutions for resilience, sustainability and value.

Example: Daiwa Capital Markets

Designed, implemented, migrated, and supported a data centre based on sustainable IT. “meticulously planned and executed without incident”

Reduce need

Both quick wins and long-term gains can be made by extending the life of IT and reducing the need for new equipment. Most IT platforms can be safely extended and capacity increased using trusted technology at a fraction of the replacement cost. 


Increased ROI for existing assets, free up capital for accelerating digital transformation, and reduce eWaste.

Example: Ministry of Defence

We extended the life and increased the capacity of technology across seven datacentres, saving $15m in replacement costs and thousands of kilograms of eWaste.  


If you need an IT solution to provide new capability or capacity, one of the most sustainable and cost-effective routes is to consider remanufactured IT. Fully-tested remanufactured equipment offers the same product, with the same quality, same software and same support options as new. It just costs less. 

In your IT support contracts, you are already relying on remanufactured equipment as this is nearly always the replacement if something goes wrong with your new product.


Cost savings of 15-20%, 80% reduction of carbon footprint vs new, keeps resource in use.

Example: Colt Telecom

We built a blended supply chain to include sustainable technology. This delivered shorter lead times, greater resilience and better value.


Similar to remanufactured, but perhaps not as cosmetically perfect. Authorised refurbished is often used as standard in warranty replacements – performance-wise, it’s impossible the tell the difference between refurbished and new. 


Cost savings of 15-20%, 80% reduction of carbon footprint vs new, keeps resource in use.

Example: Chubb Insurance

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Can items be reused, outside or inside your organisation? We can ensure your equipment is used to its maximum utility. Even very old technology can be donated or sold to organisations who need it, ensuring it’s used for longer. 


Prevents eWaste, reduces use from new, generates income, social and brand value.

Example: British Telecom

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Can your broken or underperforming IT be repaired or upgraded to extend its useful life? Would repairing or upgrading work better than your current replacement cycle. Our team can advise on just what’s possible. 


Use what you have for longer, less CO2 in manufacture, less eWaste, lower than replacement cost.

Example: Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust

We identified defective devices and repaired these to avoid wastage while blending remanufactured equipment with new to deliver a more sustainable IT solution.


Our access to global inventories and multiple supply chains enables our business to breakdown IT components to sell as spares and parts, as well as fully refurbished items. 


Supported the circular economy, reduces the need for virgin materials, beats supply chain shortages.

Example: Tag Rugby Trust 

We downgraded old laptops that were no longer capable of data intensive processing and repurposed them for Tag Rugby Trust, a fantastic charity. 


We’ll take back equipment you no longer use and get it reused or repurposed. Only as a very last resort will we have it recycled. At present, only a small percentage of scarce resources can be easily recovered from eWaste so keeping equipment in use for longer is the sustainable choice.


Prevents eWaste and recirculates resources for extended use.

Example: CEDaCI

To better understand material usage in datacentres, we repurposed equipment as part of the CEDaCI, an EU-funded research programme. 

We’ll tell you how soon we can help, how much return is possible, and how much embodied carbon you’ve saved in the process.

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Green Circle IT provides tailored lifecycle solutions to organisations wanting to consolidate, clear or move their data centre assets in a way that’s more sustainable and commercially beneficial.

As ambassadors of the Circular Economy, we extend the life of retired equipment by responsibly passing it forward through trusted channels to the next user. Our White Glove Service handles the customer’s technology estate with exceptional insight and care.
As part of the Circularity First Group, we have the knowledge, skill, and capacity to offer holistic IT Lifecycle Solutions. Our heritage makes us the standout choice for delivering specialist advice, financial success, and tangible sustainability. 
Part of the Circularity First Group
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